Author: Phillip Depoy

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Book:Too Easy

Too Easy: A Flap Tucker Mystery

Phillip Depoy

From the neon of Atlanta to the Georgia seacoast, he’s searching for a killer, a motive…and his past.

On the marshy shores of the Georgia coast, the locals tell a story: of a woman who appeared from the sea, and of two gentle twin brothers who would do anything for her. But now a man is dead, the twins are missing, and only a meditating private eye from Atlanta can unravel the truth….

His name is Flap Tucker. A man with a gift for visualization and the courage to go where his mind leads him, Flap has been hired by the beautiful nightclub owner Dalliance Oglethorpe to go deep into rural Georgia, where a banker has been murdered. The man’s wife—a woman so shrouded in mystery that some believe she is a spirit—and a pair of twin brothers named Peachy and Maytag are wanted in the crime.

Entering a world of gnarled kinships, family secrets, and dirty money, Flap stumbles upon yet another murder. And now the Zen private eye is pursuing a story stranger than fiction, a killer closer than he thinks, and some dangerous ghosts of his own.

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