Author: Randye Lordon

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Book:Father Forgive Me

Father Forgive Me: A Sydney Sloane Mystery

Randye Lordon

A young man is found dead of a heroin overdose on a Hudson River pier, while his wealthy father is stumping for political office—and the boy’s sister swears he had never used drugs. But the investigation could prove to be a fatal mistake as lesbian P.I. Sydney Sloane delves deeper into a perfect family’s darkest secrets.

Book:Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love: A Mystery

Randye Lordon

Lesbian private investigator Sydney Sloane had always had a troubled relationship with her brother. He had been reported dead 13 years ago, but now she finds herself staring at the photo of a recently escaped murderer who she is sure is her dead brother David. To find the truth, she begins to investigate and finds herself in the middle of a tangled web of deceit and treachery.

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