Author: Ray Garton

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Book:Sex and Violence in Hollywood

Sex and Violence in Hollywood

Ray Garton

Adam Julian, son of a Hollywood screenwriter, has a life many would kill for… and some would kill to keep. He’s tangled in a web of forced sex, coerced into robbery, where killing becomes the only free choice he can make.

Book:Live Girls

Live Girls

Ray Garton

Davey’s on the down and out when he loses his girl, his job and practically his sanity. While some men drown themselves in a forgiving bottle, Davey believes it’s much more profitable to sink into Times Square’s nightlife and lose himself inside Live Girls. They are the free ravishing pleasures who beckon Davey into a world of irresistible fantasy and ecstasy. One of them propositions him with a kiss, an insatiable kiss that leads him far from the misery he once felt to a demonic place where body and soul are sacrificed for obsessions.

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