Author: Raymond Briggs

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Book:The Snowman

The Snowman

Raymond Briggs

Raymond Briggs’s wintry hero comes to life and takes a young boy on an unforgettable adventure in this enchanting retelling for the very youngest listeners.

Book:Father Christmas

Father Christmas

Raymond Briggs

Father Christmas awoke from his dream of summer in the sun, and there it was on the calendar, December 24th, Christmas Eve, the start of his longest night's work of the year.

This delightful cartoon-strip is the story of the most special day in the year for a very disgruntled and very overworked Father Christmas.

Book:The Mother Goose Treasury

The Mother Goose Treasury

Raymond Briggs

This is a collection of 408 traditional and well loved poems and nursery rhymes, illustrated with over 800 colour pictures by a young Raymond Briggs.

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