Author: Richard Ellmann

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Book:Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

Richard Ellmann

Richard Ellmann, one of the greatest biographers of our time, found his most compelling protagonist in Oscar Wilde. The book’s emotional resonance, its riches of authentic color and conversation, and the subtlety of its critical illuminations give dazzling life to this portrait of the complex man, the charmer, the great playwright, the daring champion of the primacy of art. Drawing on a wealth of documentation, Ellmann reveals a Wilde greater and more moving than his legend has allowed, a Wilde who even today challenges our assumptions with his provocative intelligence and wit.

The biography sensitive to the tragic pattern of the story of a great subject: Oscar Wilde—psychologically and sexually complicated, enormously quotable, central to a alluring cultural world and someone whose life assumed an unbearably dramatic shape.

Book:James Joyce

James Joyce

Richard Ellmann

Richard Ellmann has revised and expanded his definitive work on Joyce’s life to include newly discovered primary material, including details of a failed love affair, a limerick about Samuel Beckett, a dream notebook, previously unknown letters, and much more.

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