Author: Richard Hammond

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Book:Can You Feel the Force?

Can You Feel the Force?: Putting the Fizz Back into Physics

Richard Hammond

Take a thrilling high-energy journey through time, space and beyond! Why does your stomach go right uuuuup…when a roller coaster plunges straight dooowwwwn? How does a cold ball bounce 80% higher than a warm one? What’s it actually like inside an atom? Physics doesn’t just happen in a lab—it happens in the kitchen, in your bath, in a car! Join author Richard Hammond to discover the physical forces that make the universe and everything in it the way it is. It is crammed with fascinating physics facts, puzzles, brainteasers and interactive experiments. Find out how science affects everything, from roller coasters to fighter pilots, in this totally cool look at the weird and wonderful world of physics, with the hard bits left out!

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