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Book:The Heavenly Fox

The Heavenly Fox

Richard Parks

A fox who reaches the age of fifty gains the ability to transform into a human woman. A fox who reaches the age of one hundred can transform into either a beautiful young girl or a handsome young man at will and can sense the world around them to a distance of over four hundred leagues. A fox who reaches the age of one thousand years, however, becomes a Heavenly Fox, an Immortal of great power, able to commune with the gods themselves.
—From the Hsuan-Chang-Chi of Kuo Pu

The fox vixen Springshadow has reached the age of nine-hundred and ninety-nine by taking the form of a beautiful girl and stealing the chi, the life force, of mortal men. She prides herself on having done so without permanently harming any of them, but when, just before her one-thousandth birthday, her mortal lover, Zou Xiaofan, inadvertently forces her to choose between his…[more]

Book:The Ogre's Wife

The Ogre's Wife: Fairy Tales for Grownups

Richard Parks

The Ogre’s Wife is a collection of short stories by Richard Parks. The introduction was written by Parke Godwin, who has followed the author’s career from first bloom in 1978 until today. All but one of the stories have been previously published in either magazines (mostly Realms of Fantasy) or anthologies. That one, Doing Time in the Wild Hunt, was written especially for this collection.

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