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Book:DK Guide to the Human Body

DK Guide to the Human Body: A Photographic Journey Through the Human Body

Richard Walker

Revealed in fantastic computer-enhanced, three-dimensional pictures, the complex internal world of the human body is explored in DK Guide to the Human Body. In different sections of the book, the ingenious processes involved in moving, breathing, digesting food, producing babies, growing, and fighting off disease are explained in clear, lively text. The elaborate network of nerves that reach to the body’s furthest extremities and carry data back to the brain is explored in fascinating detail.

With page after page of groundbreaking imaging techniques in DK Guide to the Human Body, the layers of skin, flesh, bones, and other organs can be explored as they never have been before. Unravel 22 feet of small intestine and find out what happens to the good that travels through it at different stages of its journey. Be amazed by the power of the human eye and its ability to relay to the brain the difference between 10,000 different colors. Discover how the kidneys, at only 4 inches long, process…[more]

Book:How the Incredible Human Body Works by the Brainwaves

How the Incredible Human Body Works by the Brainwaves

Richard Walker, Lisa Swerling, Ralph Lazar

From the same artistic team who gave us How Nearly Everything was Invented, How the Incredible Human Body Works takes readers on a rollicking, rip-roaring romp around the human body. The second book in the Brainwaves series, this quirky yet informative book looks at the body’s physiological processes and its anatomical make-up. Watch the Brainwaves fight with the body’s defense force against invasions from toxic bacteria, dodge squirting digestive juices that can reduce anything to a pulp, or get washed away on a raging red river of blood. The Brainwaves are little people on a big adventure-come join them on their mission of mischievous mayhem.

Book:Microscopic Life

Microscopic Life

Richard Walker

Microscopic Life explores the tiny worlds that exist around us and even within us! Examine how some organisms help us fight diseases and others help to produce food. But bacteria can also be harmful, causing tooth decay, food poisoning, and many deadly epidemics. Students will be amazed at the vast range of microscopic life and at the close proximity in which they live to humans!

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