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Book:The Faithful Friend

The Faithful Friend

Robert D. San Souci, Brian Pinkney

Sometime in the last centuary, on the lush Caribbean island of Martinique, two young men embarked on a fateful journey crossed by zombies, ghosts, and curses…

Clement and Hippolyte are handsome, sharp-witted, and as close as brothers. When Clement falls in love with enchanting Pauline, he bids Hippolyte to join his quest to court her, and the two friends set out toward danger and adventure.

Pauline is ward of the mysterious Monsieur Zabocat—a plantation owner reputed to be a quimboiseur, a wizard—and, defying his wishes, Pauline joins her new fiancé and his friend on their trek home. But the fruited fields and forests they traverse hide dark forces plotting to destroy the couple…and one night—Tam! Tam! Tamtamtam!—the distant sound of a drum lures Hippolyte into a deadly trap that forces him to choose between his friend’s safety and his own. …[more]

Book:The Talking Eggs

The Talking Eggs: A Folktale from the American South

Robert D. San Souci, Jerry Pinkney

The author of such delights as The Christmas Ark and The Enchanted Tapestry joins forces with illustrator Pinkney to resurrect a colorful folktale that captures the unique flavor of the American South.

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