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Book:Horror of the 20th Century

Horror of the 20th Century: An Illustrated History

Robert Weinberg

As long as there have been storytellers, audiences have sought stories that make their flesh creep and their blood curdle. These are the tales that have been read furtively under covers or retold in whispers by the light of campfires. From Horace Walpole to Stephen King, the masters of horror have offered us such tales of the eerie and the spectral. Author Robert Weinberg has assembled the best of these phantasmal visions in Horror of the Twentieth Century. Here is a vivid recounting of the writers, illustrators, publishers, actors, and filmmakers who for more than two centuries satisfied the fluctuating tastes of their audiences. Every media from comics, paperbacks, hardcovers and movies is cataloged.

Book:The Science of Stephen King

The Science of Stephen King: From "Carrie" to "Cell", the Terrifying Truth Behind the Horror Master's Fiction

Lois H. Gresh, Robert Weinberg

“The Science of Stephen King appeals to both the scientist and the longtimereader of Stephen King in me. Gresh and Weinberg use concepts from King’s fiction as launching pads for in-depth explorations of concepts as diverse as ESP, pyrokinesis, time travel, artificial intelligence, quantum chemistry, alternate realities, string theory, and the possibility that we’ll be visited by aliens or that we’ll face a global pandemic. Much of what Stephen King writes about in his novels is closer to reality than you might think.” —Bev Vincent, Ph.D., author of The Road to the Dark Tower

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