Author: Robert Westall

British author.


Book:The Kingdom by the Sea

The Kingdom by the Sea

Robert Westall

Harry's family are running to the shelter when the bomb hits. As the rescue team pull him alone out of the rubble, Harry realises he'll be sent off to live with moping, fussy Cousin Elsie - the last thing he needs on top of the shock of losing his family. He runs away, meeting Don, a dog who's also lost his home, on the beach. In wartime every step is full of danger. Getting a meal, sleeping in a haystack - everywhere Harry goes he finds people full of suspicion, ready to turn in a boy on his own. But Harry encounters sudden kindnesses too. A family have left a caravan open, filled with tinned food for anyone who needs shelter. They all died when a bomb hit their home, but they help Harry when he needs it most. Joining eccentric Joseph Keilty by the sea, Harry learns to scavenge along the beach and makes friends with some nearby soldiers, until once more he is driven on alone.

Book:The Scarecrows

The Scarecrows

Robert Westall

In a brooding story about jealousy, hatred, murder and love, Simon is outraged that his mum plans to remarry. He can’t bear the way she and his sister seem to have forgotten his late father. Overwhelmed by hatred, he seeks solace in a nearby abandoned water mill. But another, powerful hatred lingers within its walls. And it is about to be unleashed . . .

Book:The Machine Gunners

The Machine Gunners

Robert Westall

With Nazi planes raining bombs on England night after night, every boy in Garmouth has a collection of shrapnel and other war souvenirs. But nothing comes close to the working machine gun Chas McGill pulls out of a downed bomber. While the police search frantically for the missing gun, Chas and his friends build a secret fortress to fight the Germans themselves.

Book:A Time of Fire

A Time of Fire

Robert Westall

Ten-year-old Sonny loses his mother in a German bombing raid and his father joins the RAF to avenge her death. He too is killed, leaving Sonny to be cared for by his grandparents. Sonny faces his own confrontation with the enemy and with his mother's ghost, finding eventual reconciliation.

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