Author: Roberta Isleib

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Book:Six Strokes Under

Six Strokes Under: A Golf Lover's Mystery

Roberta Isleib

Cassandra Burdette used to carry clubs on the PGA tour-now she’s swinging them at the Qualifying School for the LPGA Tour. The competition is fierce, but the standout so far is Kaitlin Rupert, whose talent and beauty are eclipsed only by her attitude. Though Kaitlin has a deeply troubled past and a very messy, very public family scandal, any sympathy from other players has been used up by her hostile personality.

But it’s still a shock when Kaitlin’s psychiatrist is found brutally murdered-and even more of a shock when the police look at Cassie as a prime suspect. Now, Cassie must avoid all the hazards as she tries to uncover who delivered the fatal stroke-if the killer doesn’t tee her up first.

Book:Putt to Death

Putt to Death

Roberta Isleib

Cassie Burdette is going through a rough patch on the LPGA Tour, so snagging the touring pro job at a posh Connecticut country club is a stroke of good luck. But many members feel that the efforts to turn this fancy male domain into a Jack-and-Jill, environmentally friendly club are strictly out of bounds. And when Cassie stumbles upon the body of an unpopular member who has been barred, it appears that all is not fair on the fairways of Stony Creek.

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