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Book:Stephen King: A Literary Companion

Stephen King: A Literary Companion

Rocky Wood

This companion provides a two-part introduction to best-selling author Stephen King, whose enormous popularity over the years has gained him an audience well beyond readers of horror fiction, the genre with which is most often associated. Part I considers the reception of King’s work, the film adaptations that they gave rise to, the fictional worlds in which some of his novels are set, and the more useful approaches to King’s varied corpus. Part II consists of entries for each series, novel, story, screenplay and even poem, including works never published or produced, as well as characters and settings.

Book:Stephen King: The Non-Fiction

Stephen King: The Non-Fiction

Rocky Wood, Justin Brooks

Stephen King: The Non-Fiction is the first significant review of King’s Non-Fiction. Most fans and readers know King has written three non-fiction books and may have noticed his introductions and Author’s Notes to his own works; but few know of his hundreds of columns, articles, book reviews and criticism.

The Authors review all King’s published and known unpublished works from 1959 to mid-2006; over 560 published works of non-fiction (more than a dozen are revealed here for the first time) and a further nine unpublished non-fiction pieces. Full details of these unpublished pieces are revealed, providing significant detail on each of the most significant of these Non-Fiction Works.

Authors Rocky Wood and Justin Brooks spent five years compiling this outstanding reference work, with the assistance of…[more]

Book:Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished

Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished

Rocky Wood

Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished is the most comprehensive review of the Stephen King works you’ve never read, including coverage of nearly one hundred unpublished and uncollected works of fiction—novels, short stories, screenplays, and poems!

Best of all, it features the first book publication of two lost works written by King, including an entire chapter from King’s unpublished 1970 novel Sword in the Darkness that has never been published anywhere in the world!

Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished also gives in-depth coverage to the nearly one hundred variations and versions of King’s published stories—edits, updates, and changes King made between reprintings of his work. Similar in size and scope to our edition of The Stephen King Universe, this is a must-have for both collectors and casual readers of Stephen King! |Stephen…[more]

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