Author: Roger Penrose

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Book:The Emperor's New Mind

The Emperor's New Mind: Concerning Computers, Minds, and the Laws of Physics

Roger Penrose

For decades, proponents of artificial intelligence have argued that computers will soon be doing everything that a human mind can do. Admittedly, computers now play chess at the grandmaster level, but do they understand the game as we do? Can a computer eventually do everything a human mind can do?

In this absorbing and frequently contentious book, Roger Penrose—eminent physicist and winner, with Stephen Hawking, of the prestigious Wolf prize—puts forward his view that there are some facets of human thinking that can never be emulated by a machine. Penrose examines what physics and mathematics can tell us about how the mind works, what they can’t, and what we need to know to understand the physical processes of consciousness. He is among a growing number of physicists who think Einstein wasn’t being stubborn when he said his “little finger” told him that quantum mechanics is incomplete, and he concludes that laws…[more]

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