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Book:Peak: A Novel

Peak: A Novel

Roland Smith

When fourteen-year-old Peak Marcello’s long-lost father presents the opportunity for them to summit Everest together, Peak doesn’t even consider saying no—even though he suspects there are a few strings attached. And if he makes it to the top before his birthday, he’ll be the youngest person ever to stand above 29,000 feet. It’s not a bad turn of events for a guy who’s been stuck in New York City with only skyscrapers to (illegally) scale.

Here, in Peak’s own words, is the exhilarating, gut-wrenching story of what happened on that climb to the top of the world—a climb that changed everything. Welcome to Mount Everest.

Book:Zach's Lie

Zach's Lie

Roland Smith

Jack is a pretty average kid—until the night that changes his life forever. That is the night men in masks break into his house, threaten Jack and his family, and then ransack their home. It is that same night that Jack discovers that his father has been arrested for drug trafficking and that he is the reason why these men have come into their lives.

Jack, his mother, and his sister are then forced to enter the Witness Security Program. Jack becomes “Zach” and moves to Elko, Nevada, a town in the middle of nowhere. There he meets Sam, the strangest school custodian he has ever encountered, and Catalin, a girl who might make Zach’s uprooting worth the trouble. But just as Zach finally begins to piece together a new life, he finds out that the dangerous men have tracked them down again. And if they are found, it will be more than their secret identities that will be destroyed.



Roland Smith

Dylan’s father has always been a little strange—but when Dylan’s mother leaves for Egypt, his father seems to get out of control. He joins a sasquatch-hunting team led by top-bigfoot researcher, Theodore Flagg. The team’s mission is to find a sasquatch and kill it—but Dylan’s father is determined to stop them. To keep an eye on his father, Dylan joins aging field biologists Samuel Johnson on the mountain, shadowing the hunting party though their walkie-talkies.

But Dylan may be in even more trouble than he thought. Even as they are following Dr. Flagg’s team, somebody is following Mr. Johnson, and on top of it all, Dylan is beginning to realize that his father may not be so crazy after all—maybe the Sasquatch does exist, and it’s closer than Dylan ever guessed.

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