Author: Ross Collins

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Book:The Elephantom

The Elephantom

Ross Collins

The wryly comic tale of a small girl plagued by a mischievous 'elephantom' who rides up and down the stairs at night on a scooter, eats all her peanut butter and has his friends over for rowdy parties. When her parents don't believe her, the little girl finds a sympathetic ear in her Gran, who has a plethora of phantom pets of her own. Grandma directs her to a shop run by 'Spectral and Sons', who present her with a box tied with ribbon. When she returns home the elephantom is having fun piling up the furniture. The girl opens the box to reveal a... mouse-phantom! Elephantom disappears squealing in fright ... to take up residence next-door, where he begins to pester a new family!

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