Author: Russell Ayto

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Book:One More Sheep

One More Sheep

Mij Kelly, Russell Ayto

Sam has ten sheep, and he has to be sure, that he's fetched them all in, from the wild windy moor. To do this, Sam has to count them...but everyone knows counting sheep tires you out and sends you to sleep! How will he know that the knock on the door isn't a lost lamb but a wolf when he can't count up to ten!

Book:The Witch's Children

The Witch's Children

Ursula Jones, Russell Ayto

Look out! The witch's children are coming and that means Trouble! Out in the park one windy day, they try out their magic: Gemma's turned into a frog, the ice cream van into a coach, the squirrels into footmen. But then the witch's children don't know how to break the spells! How will they return everything to normal? Get Mum to sort it out, of course! A funny and reassuring picturebook with wacky, exuberant illustrations and a rhythmical text perfect for reading aloud.

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