Author: Ruth Birmingham

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Book:Fulton County Blues

Fulton County Blues: A Sunny Childs Mystery

Ruth Birmingham

“Sunny Childs is…a wham-bam thank you ma’am great read.” —J.A. Jance, author of Name Withheld Sunny investigates the death of her late father’s friend, another Vietnam vet—and finds clues suggesting her dad isn’t the war hero she grew up believing in. And when survivors slam doors in her face, Sunny is determined to find the answers. But those answers may be more painful than Sunny ever dreamed…

Book:Atlanta Graves

Atlanta Graves: A Sunny Childs Mystery

Ruth Birmingham

Meet Sonny Childs—the hard-nosed, sharp-tongued P.I. who is the lead detective at Peachtree Investigations.

In Atlanta Graves, Sunny sets out ot reclaim a stolen painting, she ends up with a dead body, unanswered questions—and a full-fledged killer on her hands.

With Peachtree Investigations facing bankruptcy, Sunny must work fast—not only to catch the murderer, but to save her job.

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