Author: S.W. Hubbard

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Book:Take the Bait

Take the Bait

S.W. Hubbard

The mountains guard their secrets….

The remote village of Trout Run lies inside New York State’s vast Adirondack Park, a tiny community cloistered within deep forests and rugged mountains. You can drive for miles without seeing another soul—so when high school senior Janelle Harvey vanishes while walking home along a lonely forest road, only the trees are mute witnesses to her disappearance.

Police Chief Frank Bennett is new to Trout Run, and he’s determined not to make another mistake in judgment like the one that cost him his previous job. But no one—family, friends, or clergy—seems willing to tell all they know about Janelle. Yet as the search goes on, Frank determinedly peels back the layers of mystery…only to find that even in a town where everyone knows your name, there are some secrets no one wants shared.

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