Author: Scott C.S. Stone

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Book:The Dragon's Eye

The Dragon's Eye

Scott C.S. Stone

Why me? I was no hero.

Just a war-wise, war-weary combat reporter who’d pushed his luck too far and too long. Still alive and tired of all the dying.

Now all I wanted was a long blonde in a short bikini and a star to steer her by. I cabled my resignation and got the hell out of Asia.

I got as far as Honolulu.

That’s where an old buddy brainwashed me into a mission that would rattle the guts of the most hardened agent. A rescue job behind the Bamboo Curtain. A former British correspondent, now top man in the Chinese news service. A man with lethal secrets…and a Chinese mistress. A man who would deal with no one but me.

Why me? I couldn’t figure it out. And there was only one way to find out….

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