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Book:Incident at Loring Groves

Incident at Loring Groves

Sonia Levitin

Casssidy Keaton earns good grades, has lots of friends and a good home life. But having spent two weeks at summer camp, she begins her junior year a little bored—and a little restless.

Ken Farquar had “fallen” for Cassidy at camp. Still, he’s not sure he really fits in with her crowd—and he’s not sure he wants to anyway. Right now, all he knows is that he wants to be with Cassidy.

But one moonlit night, everything in their lives changes. While partying with their friends, Cassidy and Ken stumble upon a dead body. Suddenly, they are faced with the toughest decision of their lives.

Book:Yesterday's Child

Yesterday's Child

Sonia Levitin

“Time will help. Time will heal.”

That’s what people promised. But for Laura, nothing is helping or healing. Her mother’s death has left a void in her. It’s made Laura realize she hardly knew her mother, and that can never be fixed. So Laura lies in her mother’s bed, puts on her lipstick, reads her letters—anything to answer Laura’s questions and end her unbearable loneliness.

Then Laura finds a letter that raises more questions than it answers. Written the day before her mother’s death, it’s addressed to someone named Megan and speakes vaguely of “forgiveness.” Laura’s never heard of Megan, but Megan and Laura’s mother appear to have been childhood friends who hadn’t spoken in twenty-five years. What would prompt her mother to write Megan now? And what did she mean by “forgiveness”? If Laura can unveil the mystery behind the letter, maybe she’ll also unveil…[more]

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