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Book:Plots and Misadventures

Plots and Misadventures

Stephen Gallagher

If the truth be told the short story is probably the superior form, because there’s no getting away with anything. You get it exactly right or it doesn’t work at all. Eleven flights of fancy and one true story…but it can be hard to say where fancy ends and the truth begins.

In this, his second collection of short fiction, award-winning author and screenwriter Stephen Gallagher delivers his unique take on the weird, the wonderful and the downright strange. These are tales in which the world is very much as we know it, but charged with a sense of the wonders that lie in wait just beneath the surface of our everyday reality. Grisly goings-on in a tattoo parlour…A bereaved girl’s poetic revenge…Hunting fairies with pickup truck and cattle prod…Along with The Blackwood Oak, a novella making its first appearance between these covers, the stories have been drawn together from sources as diverse as Weird Tales, Subterranean, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Winter Chills, and The Dark.

Book:Out of His Mind

Out of His Mind

Stephen Gallagher

Twenty-two stories and novella-length works, mixing imagination with suspense in the kind of tale that can slide into the back of your mind and then stay there for the rest of your life…well-known as a novelist and screenwriter, the author of Valley of Lights and Oktober has assembled a signature collection from over two decades’ worth of his lesser-known short fiction.

A telephone chat line where not all of the respondents can be found amongst the living…the terrified flight of a hit-and-run driver whose fate was sealed at the moment of his deed…the seduction and harrowing education of a young artist in nineteenth-century France…the unholy alliance of an honest psychic and a skeptical conjurer…

All brought together in one volume for the first time anywhere, with an introduction by award-winning author and editor Charles L. Grant and an afterword filled with background insights and dashes of autobiography.

As an example of the storyteller’s art, Out of His Mind is about as good as it gets.

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