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Book:Cold Kill

Cold Kill: A Dan Shepherd Mystery

Stephen Leather

A trawler in the North Sea is in trouble. Its cargo: hundreds of illegal immigrants. Dan Shepherd is sent to lead the rescue operation, and then to investigate the tragedy. What he finds is a counterfeit currency ring and a huge people-trafficking network. But the web reaches wider still, and as his investigation deepens, he discovers that the criminal proceeds are destined to finance the greatest terrorist attack of all.

Former SAS trooper Dan Shepherd, now a detective in an elite undercover squad, is at the center of these hard-hitting, high-action thrillers from Stephen Leather. Scalpel-sharp suspense and as gritty as the genre gets.

Book:Hard Landing (Stephen Leather)

Hard Landing

Stephen Leather

Dan “Spider” Shepherd is used to putting his life on the line. Working for an elite undercover squad he has lied, cheated and conned in order to bring Britain’s most wanted criminals to justice. But when a powerful drugs baron starts to kill off witnesses to his crimes, Shepherd is given his most dangerous assignment yet. He has to go undercover in a top security prison, a world where one wrong move will mean certain death. As Shepherd gambles everything to move in on his quarry, he soon realises that the man he is hunting is even more dangerous than the police realise. And that he is capable of striking outside the prison walls and hitting Shepherd where it hurts most.

Book:Tango One

Tango One

Stephen Leather

An electrifying thriller that takes the reader inside the world of drug dealers, gangs, and organized crime.

In different parts of London, three recruits prepare for their first day at the Metropolitan Police training center. All three have secrets in their past that they’re eager to put behind them. But the Met has other plans for Jamie, Bunny, and Tina. They’re to join a team of undercover detectives, a secret unit involved in the long-term penetration of criminal gangs. Their target? One of the world’s major drug dealers: Den Donovan—alias “Tango One.” A man so rich and powerful that he’s virtually untouchable. But as the three recruits close in on their quarry, they’re unaware that someone is pursuing an alternative agenda. Someone who has deliberately put their lives on the line.

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