Author: Steve Mosby

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Book:The 50/50 Killer

The 50/50 Killer

Steve Mosby

Mark Nelson is a young police officer, newly assigned to the team of John Mackey—a highly-decorated and successful detective, and author of a bestselling true crime book based on his years of experience catching killers. Mackey is a legend in the force and it’s a huge opportunity for Mark, who has dedicated his life to his job ever since the death of his girlfriend years before.

When a man is found burned to death in his own home, Mackey’s team is thrown into an investigation that grows darker and more complex at every turn. The evidence points to a man known as the Fifty-Fifty Killer. His targets are young couples, who he stalks and subjects to a single night of torture and manipulation, testing and destroying the love between them. Only one of them ever survives until dawn. And his victims include a former member of Mackey’s team. …[more]

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