Author: Steven Gould

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Steven Gould

It’s another world, a pristine Earth where mammoths and sabertoothed tigers still roam. Where there are no cities, no highways, no pollution, no laws…no people at all. It lies just beyond the heavy wooden door, hidden in the back of the old barn, through a tunnel that enters a hillside in South Texas but doesn’t come out the other side.

It belongs to Charlie. A whole world accessible only through the doorway on the ranch that his uncle left to him free and clear. But to explore a planet, you need help. And equipment. And money to buy the equipment. Money to live on while you explore; money for the taxes on the ranch, and to pay off the training you need to survive in a completely wild world.

So Charlie decides to capture some extinct birds—passenger pigeons—and sell them on the tame side to finance his venture. He sells more than a dozen of the birds, and Wildside Investments is born. That is the beginning of the end.

For how can you keep a secret like that, once anyone gets wind of it? Now Charlie and his trusted friends are going to have to fight for the preservation of the Wildside—and their own lives as well.

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