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Offspring: A Novel of the Silent Empire

Steven Harper

The Dream was a telepathic place of existence where a psychic race known as the Silent could twist the laws of reality. But a madman’s lust for power has torn the Dream asunder. Now, only a handful of the Silent can enter it. Kendi Weaver is one of them. And it is up to him to protect it as political and personal enemies line up against him.



Steven Harper

The third novel in Steven Harper’s critically-acclaimed science fiction saga continues… The telepathic communications net, known as “The Dream,” has been shattered. And the majority of the Silent who used it are unable to reenter. But Kendi Weaver has more pressing concerns: finding the family that slavers tore from him more than a decade before…


Nightmare: A Novel of the Silent Empire

Steven Harper

Before Kendi learned to use his talent of navigating the plane of mental existence known as the Dream, he had to escape his physical existence as a slave.


Dreamer: A Novel of the Silent Empire

Steven Harper

The Dream
…is a plateau of mental existence where people are able to communicate by the power of their thoughts alone.

The Silent
These people-known as the Silent-find that the Dream is threatened by a powerful Silent capable of seizing control of other people’s bodies against their will…and may be causing tremors within the Dream itself.

The Risk
And if the “normals” learn of this, they will do anything to capture the Silent for use as a weapon - and the Dream itself may be shattered forever…

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