Author: Susan Oleksiw

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Book:The Oxford Companion to Crime and Mystery Writing

The Oxford Companion to Crime and Mystery Writing

Rosemary Herbert, Catherine Aird, John M. Reilly, Susan Oleksiw

From the penny dreadful, which challenges seekers of sensation to discover the truth in a pattern of gory details; to the twentieth-century detective novel, which offers an intricate puzzle solved through the application of the intellect; to the crime novel, which probes the psyches of the characters, the crime and mystery genre offers readers an intellectual excitement unsurpassed by other forms of fiction. Now The Oxford Companion to Crime and Mystery Writing provides scholars and fans of this genre with an authoritative yet playful compendium of knowledge about a literature known for its highly entertaining treatment of deadly serious puzzles.

Editor Rosemary Herbert has brought together 666 articles—written by such authorities as Edward D. Hoch, Sara Paretsky, and the late Julian Symons—that will accompany readers in their armchair investigations. Here can be found informative biographies…[more]

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