Author: Susanna Jones

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Book:The Earthquake Bird

The Earthquake Bird

Susanna Jones

In Tokyo, a love triangle tragically unravels. One woman is presumed dead and the man has disappeared. Now, the third party, a young Englishwoman named Lucy Fly is in custody-and considered the chief suspect.

In Susanna Jones’ haunting debut novel The Earthquake Bird, readers are taken inside the mind of Lucy, who has fled a painful past in Yorkshire to work as a translator in Japan. It is there that she begins an intensely erotic affair with a brilliant and secretive photographer named Teiji. But it is when Lucy and Teiji befriend Lily Bridges that Lucy’s own life begins to fall apart. For now, the police are accusing her of killing Lily, because it’s becoming clear that she’s had the motive, the means, and the opportunity.

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