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Book:Metallic Love

Metallic Love

Tanith Lee

In her now-classic tale The Silver Metal Lover, award-winning author Tanith Lee told the spellbinding story of Jane and her forbidden love for a robot named Silver. In this stunning follow-up, the legend of their tragic romance lives on. But nothing is as it was—or as it seems….

As an orphan growing up in the slums, Loren read her clandestine copy of Jane’s Story over and over, relishing every word. But Loren is no Jane. Savvy and street-smart, Loren could never be stirred by a man of metal, her passion never ignited by an almost-human—even one designed for pleasure.

Still, when the META corporation does the unthinkable and brings back updated versions of robots past—Loren knows she must see Silver. And just like Jane, it is love at first sight. But Silver is now Verlis. If he was perfection before, he is now like a god. Yet he is more human than his creators think—or fear. While Loren doesn’t quite trust him, she will follow her twice-born lover into a battle to control his own destiny—one that will reveal to her the most astonishing illusion of all.

Book:Tales from the Flat Earth series

Tales from the Flat Earth series

Tanith Lee

In the time before the Earth was round, the Demon Lords of Darkness sowed magic and misery, beauty and terror across the lands.

Book:Delusion's Master

Delusion's Master: Book 3 of Tales from the Flat Earth

Tanith Lee

When the world was flat and the gods had not yet restructured the universe, the cities and hopes of mankind hung upon the whims of the immortal lords of all diabolical powers.

For these, such as Azhrarn, Night’s Master, and Uhlume, Death’s Master, the world was a flesh-and-blood playground for all their strangest desires. But among those demonic lords, the strangest was the master of madness, Chuz.

The game that Chuz played with a beautiful woman, with an ambitious king, with an ancient imperial city, was a webwork of good and evil, of hope and horror. But there was always Azhrarn to interfere—to bend delusion to a different outcome—and it was a century-long conflict between two vain immortals with women and men as their terrified pawns.

Book:Night's Master

Night's Master: Book 1 of Tales from the Flat Earth

Tanith Lee

In those days the Earth was not a sphere and the demons dwelled in vast magical caverns beneath its surface. Wondrous cities dotted the land and strange peoples and fabulous beasts prowled the deserts and jungles of the world.

Supreme among those mighty demons was Azhrarn, Night’s Master. He it was whose pranks made nightmares on Earth, who brought desire and danger to those it amused him to visit, and who could grant wonders and create horrors unspeakable.

Tanith Lee, author of The Birthgrave and Volkhavaar, has created in this new novel a fascinating version of the world as it might have been, a world reminiscent of the Arabian Nights and yet utterly unique.



Tanith Lee

Book:Death's Master

Death's Master: Book 2 of Tales from the Flat Earth

Tanith Lee

In those days the world was flat and demons dwelled beneath who walked among the cities and kingdoms of the surface with powers and mischiefs to please themselves.

Among those demons there were two who were mighty above all others. One was Azhrarn, Night’s Master, and the other was the lord of darkness whose name was Uhlume, Death’s Master.

This is Tanith Lee’s epic fantasy novel of the strangest exploit of these two demon-lords among the men and women of Earth. It is a novel of odd erotic desires, of twisted ambitions, and superhuman feats. It is the story of two boys who became men under the stresses of witcheries and wonders that surpass even the fabled lore of the Arabian Nights…and the story also of queens and witches, of kings and commoners—and of the two terrible lords of darkness.

Book:Delirium's Mistress

Delirium's Mistress: Book 4 of Tales from the Flat Earth

Tanith Lee

In the age of demons, when the Earth was still flat, a daughter was born to a mortal beauty and Azhrarn, Demon Lord of Night. This Daughter of the Night was called Azhriaz, and she was hidden away on a mist-shrouded isle, spirit-guarded, to spend her life in dreams. But Azhriaz was destined for more than dark dreaming. For if her father was the Lord of Night, her mother was descended from the Sun itself.

And her beauty and power soon called to another mighty demon lord, Azhrarn’s enemy, Prince Chuz, Delusion’s Master, who worked a magnificent illusion to free Azhriaz from her prison and transform her into Delirium’s Mistress.

As Mistress of Madness and Delirium would she become known in realms of both demon and humankind. And her destiny would make her goddess, queen, fugitive, champion, seeress—and her to whom even the very Lord of Darkness would one day bow down….

Book:Night's Sorceries

Night's Sorceries: Book 5 of Tales from the Flat Earth

Tanith Lee

In the age of demons, when the Earth was still flat, Prince Chuz, Delusion’s Master, stole Azhriaz, daughter of the Demon Lord of Night, from the underworld citadel meant to be her eternal prison. Pursued by the vengeful Lord of Night, Chuz and Azhriaz fled to the world above, to the lands of mortal men, seeking a haven for their love.

Yet when demons dwelt in the realm of men, terror and wonders were bound to result. And so it was for all who came in contact with Chuz, Azhriaz, and their dread pursuer. As all three worked their powerful sorceries, men and women, from the highest lords to the lowest peasants, were led into new kingdoms of enchantment where a man could learn to commune with beasts, where magicians found their spells recast, where a woman’s kindness could turn back time, and where a mortal might fulfill a prophecy that would place the very sun and moon within his grasp…

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