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Book:Fog Heart

Fog Heart

Thomas Tessier

Oliver is a hard-nosed businessman: the supernatural cuts no ice with him. But when his wife Carrie starts seeing the ghost of her long-dead father, he reluctantly agrees to take her to see a medium in Connecticut.

Charley doesn’t believe in psychic mumbo-jumbo either, until his wife Jan gets messages from their dead daughter, and a friend who couldn’t possibly know him passes along an enigmatic message about their child from the same medium.

The two couples, both skeptical but desperate, are drawn together by the medium Oona, a beautiful, fragile young woman who knows things that no other living person should know. But Oona is the greatest mystery of all: Is her gift real, or is it the sign of a consuming, destructive madness? Can she somehow lead them to important truths beyond life, or will they all be trapped in a tightening web of terror and death?

Book:Ghost Music and Other Tales

Ghost Music and Other Tales

Thomas Tessier

Startling, eerie, unnerving—Thomas Tessier’s fiction takes the reader into shadowy corners of experience where the everyday world breaks down and people are suddenly caught in disturbed states of mind, disturbed states of reality. These stories and novellas are rooted in the familiar, but permeated with an escalating sense of menace and terror.

Ghost Music collects Tessier’s short fiction for the first time, and also includes two new, previously unpublished tales.



Thomas Tessier

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