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Tim Powers

After a ten-year hiatus, British academic Andrew Hale is abruptly called back into the Great Game by a terse, cryptic telephone message. Born to “the trade” and recruited at the age of seven by a most secret Secret Service, Hale, in 1963, is forced to confront again the nightmare that has haunted his adult life: a lethal unfinished operation code-named Declare.

Two decades earlier, as a young double agent infiltrating the Soviet spy network in Nazi-occupied Paris, Hale first encountered the incomprehensible rhythms of an invisible world. And from that moment on nothing was ever safe and knowable again. There also, his life became eternally linked with two others’ lives that would recurrently intersect his at its most dangerous junctures: his “comrade operative,” the fiery and beautiful Communist agent Elena Teresa Ceniza-Bendiga, the object of Hale’s undying love, and Kim Philby, the mysterious traitor to the British cause…and perhaps to all humanity. Together they form an unlikely…[more]

Book:Last Call

Last Call

Tim Powers

Enchantingly dark and compellingly real, the World Fantasy Award-winning novel Last Call is a masterpiece of magic realism from critically acclaimed author Tim Powers.

Set in the gritty, dazzling underworld known as Las Vegas, Last Call tells the story of a one-eyed professional gambler who discovers that he was not the big winner in a long-ago poker game…and now must play for the highest stakes ever as he searches for a way to win back his soul.

Book:The Stress of Her Regard

The Stress of Her Regard

Tim Powers

On a rainswept night alive with lightning and thunder, a doctor staggers, drunken, through the streets, and slips a wedding ring on the finger of a bewitching statue…

On the morning after his wedding, Dr. Michael Crawford awakens to a bed soaked by carnage… and the impossibly savaged body of his bride. Already marked with guilt for the accidental deaths of his previous wife and his younger brother, Crawford flees England to escape the hangman’s noose. His only hope lies with England’s greatest, and most notorious, poets - Lord Byron, Percy Shelley and John Keats - who bring Crawford to a terrible understanding of the strange force that damns him as surely as it protects him from harm.

For Crawford has another, secret bride, one who rules the hours of his sleep; it is she whom Keats called la belle dame sans merce, the poet’s muse. She is as beautiful as she is evil, an eons-old power that has sparked a hundred myths, and now threatens to ravage the lives of each of her lovers…

Book:Dinner at Deviant's Palace

Dinner at Deviant's Palace

Tim Powers

The civilized world had come to an end more than a century earlier, but in California life and society went on….taking strange, often horrifying forms. Gregorio Rivas was a survivor—a proud, resourceful man who had, most recently, made his way from the corrupt, crumbling city of Venice to carve our a successful career as a musician within the walls of Ellay…

Welcome to the holy city. Gregorio was a redeemer, one of the courageous men who snatched converts from the sinister cult of Norton Jaybush. Currency brandy was what they used for money in post-nuclear L.A. Ten thousand fifths was the price Rivas set to retrieve the only girl he ever loved. But when a hemogoblin whispered Come to me from the shadows, it looked like Gregorio Rivas would be leaving by the Dog Town gate. Unless the genial host of Deviant’s Palace would swop an apostle for a hemogoblin. Norton Jaybush needed a new High Priest—and Rivas had been shortlisted for the job

Book:Expiration Date (Tim Powers)

Expiration Date

Tim Powers

Powers has created a strange and wonderful Los Angeles in which to set this novel: a city full of ghosts—and full, too, of unpleasant characters who extend their lives and enhance their power by catching and absorbing the ghosts of the recently dead.

Young Koot Parganas is growing up in Los Angeles in the 1990’s, but his parents won’t let him do anything normal. His weirdo parents venerate the spirits of dead Mahatmas. At the age of eleven, Koot has disobeyed his parents, broken into a plaster bust of Dante, stolen the small glass vial concealed inside it, and set in motion events that will change his own life, and everyone else’s. For trapped in the vial was the preserved ghost of Thomas Alva Edison, and there is no telling what power the possession of that ghost could confer.

The exposure of Edison’s ghost lights up a beacon for those who can see such things. Koot is pursued through the dark…[more]

Book:The Bible Repairman and Other Stories

The Bible Repairman: and Other Stories

Tim Powers

The Bible Repairman is Tim Powers’s first new collection since Strange Itineraries appeared in 2005, and it is well worth the wait. In five stories and an ambitious historical novella, it offers one example after another of the author’s wit, ingenuity, and sheer imaginative reach.

The title story takes us into the life of a man with a most unusual profession, one that claims a little bit of his soul with every transaction. “Parallel Lives” and “A Soul in a Bottle” are thematically linked ghost stories in which the dead attempt, with varying degrees of success, to exert their influence upon the living. In “The Hour of Babel,” an assortment of damaged people experience, once again, the inexplicable encounter that altered their lives more than thirty years before, while in “A Journey of Only Two Paces” a simple legal procedure is transformed into a nightmarish Kabbalistic ritual. …[more]

Book:The Anubis Gates

The Anubis Gates

Tim Powers

The Anibus Gate is the classic time travel novel that took the fantasy world by storm a decade ago. Only the dazzling imagination of Tim Powers could have created such as adventure.

Book:Hide Me Among the Graves

Hide Me Among the Graves

Tim Powers

London, 1862. A city of over three million souls, of stinking fog and dark, winding streets. Through these streets walks the poet Christina Rossetti, haunted and tormented by the ghost of her uncle, John Polidori. Without him, she cannot write, but her relationship with him threatens to shake London itself to the ground. This fascinating, clever novel vividly recreates the stews and slums of Victorian London—a city of dreadful delight. But it is the history of a hidden city, where nursery rhymes lead the adventurer through haunted tunnels and inverted spires. And where the price of poetic inspiration is blood.

Book:Three Days to Never

Three Days to Never: A Novel

Tim Powers

When Albert Einstein told Franklin Roosevelt in 1939 that the atomic bomb was possible, he did not tell the president about another discovery he had made, something so extreme and horrific it remained a secret…until now. This extraordinary new novel from one of the most brilliant talents in contemporary fiction is a standout literary thriller in which one man stumbles upon the discovery Einstein himself tried to keep hidden.

When twelve-year-old Daphne Marrity takes a videotape labeled Pee-wee’s Big Adventure from her grandmother’s house, neither she nor her college-professor father, Frank Marrity, has any idea that the theft has drawn the attention of both the Israeli Secret Service and an ancient European cabal of occultists—or that within hours they’ll be visited by her long-lost grandfather, who is also desperate to get that tape. …[more]

Book:Earthquake Weather

Earthquake Weather

Tim Powers

A young woman possessed by a ghost has slain the Fisher King of the West, Scott Crane. Now, temporarily freed from the malevolent spirit, she seeks to restore the King to life and thwart the would-be usurper.

But Crane’s body has been taken by his loyal servants to the magically protected home of Pete and Angelica Sullivan, where their adopted son, Koot Hoomie, is bleeding from a wound that will not heal. Kootie is destined to be the next King, but he is only thirteen years old—too young, his mother thinks, to perform the rituals to assume the Kingship. But not too young, perhaps, to assist in reuniting Scott Crane’s body and spirit and restoring him to life.

Earthquakes, fires, floods, and riots plague California. Powerful ghosts wander the cities, too strong for even the cleverest hunters. Only the restoration of the King can restore the balance, and it must be done soon.

Book:On Stranger Tides

On Stranger Tides

Tim Powers

Aboard the Vociferous Carmichael puppeteer John Chandagnac is sailing toward Jamaica to claim his stolen birthright from an unscrupulous uncle when the vessel is captured…by pirates! Offered a choice by Captain Phil Davies to join their seafaring band or die, Chandagnac assumes the name John Shandy and a new life as a brigand. But more than swashbuckling sea battles and fabulous plunder await the novice buccaneer on the roiling Caribbean waters—for treachery and powerful vodun sorcery are coins of the realm in this dark new world. And for the love of beautiful, magically imperiled Beth Hurwood, Shandy will set sail on even stranger tides, following the savage, ghost-infested pirate king Blackbeard and a motley crew of the living and the dead to the cursed nightmare banks of the fabled Fountain of Youth.

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