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Renegade: Or Halo2

Timothy Mo

Over the last two decades Timothy Mo has been responsible for producing some of the best postcolonial fiction written in English. From his debut Monkey King, to two of his finest novels Sour Sweet and An Insular Possession, Mo has written with great wit and political intelligence about the postcolonial condition from his own uniquely Anglo-Asian perspective. With Renegade or Halo Mo confirms his status as one of the finest novelists currently writing about globalisation, decolonisation, migrancy and cultural hybridity.…

Book:The Redundancy of Courage

The Redundancy of Courage

Timothy Mo

An Indonesian island is hastily given independence, and a Chinese-educated homosexual who was born on the island returns from his Canadian university to find his life radically altered. The story represents an account of a post-colonial disaster.

Book:An Insular Possession

An Insular Possession

Timothy Mo

Book:Sour Sweet

Sour Sweet

Timothy Mo

Gives a picture of a traditional Chinese family living in London in the 1960’s.

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