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Book:The Night Class

The Night Class

Tom Piccirilli

The college winter break is over, and Caleb Prentiss faces yet another semester of higher education. Struggling with alcoholism and frustrated by his irrelevant classes, Cal seeks solace in the arms of his scholastic-conscious girlfriend and in somnambulistic conversation with a mystifying college radio DJ.

But Cal’s ennui is shattered when he discovers evidence of a murder which occurred in his room over the Christmas recess. Obsessed with unearthing the particulars of this gruesome and haunting event, Cal wanders down the grotesque hallowed halls of a university gone mad.

Run-ins with the two hard-nosed campus security guards, relationship hurdles with both friends and lovers, and enigmatic signals from the Dean’s icily eminent wife force Caleb to question his place in the bizarre night classes of higher education. …[more]

Book:A Student of Hell

A Student of Hell

Tom Piccirilli

He’s already proven himself a master of the thriller, the mystery, and the horror novel. Now he’s about to take on poetry.

A ground-breaking collection of verse from one of today’s most exciting new writers.
• Introduction by Charlee Jacob
• Afterword by Scott Urban
• Cover design by Jame Riley
• Interior illustrations by GAK, Mark McLaughlin, G. Warlock Vance, Wayne Miller, and Paul Swenson
• Signed by all contributors. …[more]

Book:The Cold Spot

The Cold Spot

Tom Piccirilli

Chase was raised as a getaway driver by his grandfather, Jonah, a con man feared by even the hardened career criminals who make up his crew. But when Jonah crosses the line and murders one of his own, Chase goes solo, stealing cars and pulling scores across the country….And then he meets Lila, a strong-willed deputy sheriff with a beguiling smile who shows him what love can be. Chase is on the straight and narrow for the first time in his life—until tragedy hits, and he must reenter the dark world of grifters and crooks. Now Chase is out for revenge—and he’ll have to turn to the one man he hates most in the world. Only Jonah can teach Chase how to become a stone-cold killer. But even as the two men work together, Chase knows that their unresolved past will eventually lead them to a showdown of their own.

Book:Headstone City

Headstone City

Tom Piccirilli

The night Johnny Danetello drove a dying girl through the streets of Brooklyn in his cab, he was trying to save her life. Instead he ran down a cop and lost her and his freedom. Every day in prison, Johnny knew that Angie Monticelli’s family blamed him for her death, and that going home would be suicide. But Johnny has unfinished business with his former friend turned mob boss, Vinny Monticelli.

Now Johnny has returned to converse with the doomed and the dead–and wait for Vinny to make his move. Survivors of a long-ago freak accident, the two men share access to alternate realities no one else can know–and to a past and present that will all become the same in a city only one of them can leave alive….

Book:November Mourns

November Mourns

Tom Piccirilli

Two years ago Shad Jenkins went to prison for assaulting his sister’s attacker. Now he has returned to the southern mountain town of Moon Run Hollow, only to find that Megan is dead. No one knows how she died–or why she was found on Gospel Trail Road, a dirt path leading up to the gorge high above the Chatalaha River, where victims of yellow fever were once brought to die.

Navigating a world filled with abnormal children and clandestine snake handlers, one that is slowly being poisoned by illegal moonshine, Shad must pierce the townsfolk’s superstitions and terrible secrets to find out the truth about his sister’s death. But the Blood Dreams he’s suffered from since childhood have taken on an eerie urgency, revealing to Shad the nightmarish form of an unseen adversary. Plagued by the wraiths that haunt the hollow, Shad finds himself increasingly unsure of his own sanity as he begins to piece together what may have happened to his sister–and who exactly his enemy is…

Book:Waiting My Turn to Go Under the Knife

Waiting My Turn to Go Under the Knife: Poems

Tom Piccirilli

Piccirilli outdoes himself with his most personal poetry collection to date. Waiting My Turn To Go Under the Knife confronts us with some of our greatest fears. Piccirilli stabs and twists the knife deep so that we feel the emotion and power of every poem.

Piccirilli is one of the strongest voices in horror fiction today, but when he sets his sights on poetry, his literary vision slices inward to examine the lonely human psyche. As a poet, he stands alone.

Book:A Choir of Ill Children

A Choir of Ill Children

Tom Piccirilli

This lyrical tale of evil, loss, and redemption is a stunning addition to the Southern gothic tradition of Flannery O’Connor and Harry Crews.

A Choir of Ill Children is the startling story of Kingdom Come, a decaying, swamp backwater that draws the lost, ill-fated, and damned.

Since his mother’s disappearance and his father’s suicide, Thomas has cared for his three brothers—conjoined triplets with separate bodies but one shared brain—and the town’s only industry, the Mill.

Because of his family’s prominence, Thomas is feared and respected by the superstitious swamp folk. Granny witches cast hexes while Thomas’s childhood sweetheart drifts through his life like a vengeful ghost and his best friend, a reverend suffering…[more]

Book:This Cape Is Red Because I've Been Bleeding

This Cape Is Red Because I've Been Bleeding

Tom Piccirilli, Caniglia

A hauntingly beautiful poetry collection by Stoker-award winning author Tom Piccirilli. Features cover art by Caniglia.

Book:The Deceased

The Deceased

Tom Piccirilli

Something is calling Jacob Maelstrom back to the isolated home of his childhood—to the scene of a living nightmare that almost cost him his life. Ten years ago his sister slaughtered their brother and parents, locked Jacob in a closet . . . then committed a hideous suicide. Now, as the anniversary of that dark night approaches, Jacob is drawn back to a house where the line between the living and the dead is constantly shifting. But there’s more than awful memories waiting for Jacob at the Maelstrom mansion. There are depraved secrets, evil legacies, and family ghosts that are all too real. There’s the long-dead writer, whose mad fantasies continue to shape reality. And in the woods there are nameless creatures who patiently await the return of their creator.

Book:Deep Into That Darkness Peering

Deep Into That Darkness Peering

Tom Piccirilli



Tom Piccirilli

Matthew Galen comes back home to Summerfell for a reason. Not to visit his family. Not to relive childhood memories. He comes back because his best friend is in a hospital for the criminally insane—for crimes too unspeakable to believe. But Matt knows the terrifying truth. The ultimate evil doesn’t reside in his friend’s twisted soul. It comes from a far darker place, a place only Matt knows. And only Matt can stop the evil—if he dares.

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