Author: Victor Milán (a.k.a.: Victor Milan)

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Book:The Cybernetic Samurai

The Cybernetic Samurai

Victor Milán

Deep in the fortress-like headquarters of Yoshimitsu TeleCommunications, American scientist Elizabeth O’Neill had molded the circuitry of a mammoth computer into a living, thinking, feeling being—a human soul trapped in the confines of a cybernetic body. She named her creation Tokugawa, hero of Japanese samurai lore, and educated him with all of the values of a feudal Japanese shogun. Yet Tokugawa’s powers were far greater than Elizabeth had imagined. WIth access to every computer in post-World War III’s fully-automated society, he had the potential to become the ultimate spy, the perfect assassin, an invincible dictator. Only loyalty to samurai virtues kept his attention in check—until the day when Elizabeth was taken away from him, and Tokugawa began his quest for revenge.


CLD: Collective Landing Detachment

Victor Milan

Their Mission: The liberation of the entire galaxy—whether it wants it or not.

Assigned to overtake a planet that resists the Universal Will of the Stellar Collective, the deathbird kamikaze fighters of the Collective Landing Detachment begins what may be the most terrible battle in the history of the galaxy.

Book:The Cybernetic Shogun

The Cybernetic Shōgun

Victor Milán

Two superintelligent computers war for control of the future of humanity. Sequel to The Cybernetic Samurai.

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