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Book:Death in Bloodhound Red

Death in Bloodhound Red

Virginia Lanier

Jo Beth Siddon is a bloodhound trainer with a special talent for harrowing search-and-rescue missions, and a bad habit for mouthing off to deputies who refuse to take orders from a woman.She has seen her share of trouble: moonshiners poking guns at her head, crooked cops, and an abusive ex-husband with a terrible temper. Then she’s suspected of murder and finds herself treading a quagmire as thick and treacherous as the Okefenokee Swamp. If she can’t prove her innocence, she might lose not only the thriving business she loves, but the freedom and independence she’s fought for all her life.

Book:Blind Bloodhound Justice

Blind Bloodhound Justice

Virginia Lanier

This isn’t the first time that Jo Beth Sidden’s life has gone to the dogs. But the bloodhound trainer-turned-sleuth’s latest case has a trail so cold there isn’t a scent for her trusty canines to trace. Thirty years ago, two baby girls were kidnapped and their nanny murdered. The estate owner’s daughter turned up safe in a nearby church. The other, the gardener’s child, was never found. The man convicted of the two crimes was a vagrant who insisted he was innocent throughout the three decades he served of a life sentence. Now, he’s being paroled for health reasons and Sheriff Hank Cribbs is worried his return will stir up bad blood. Turning to his best friend, Jo Beth, Hank asks for help. With her beloved blind bloodhound, the two-year-old Bobby Lee, Jo Beth must sniff out the ghosts of the past and find the truth buried deep in a swamp of cunning deceit and murderous secrets.

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