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Vonda N. McIntyre

McIntyre’s tender and compassionate adventure story—a Hugo and Nebula Award-winner and a New York Times bestseller. In a far-future, post-holocaust Earth, a young healer named Snake travels the world, healing the sick and injured with her companion, the alien dreamsnake. But she is being pursued….

Book:The Moon and the Sun

The Moon and the Sun

Vonda N. McIntyre

New York Times bestselling author Vonda N. McIntyre proves she is “blessed with both vision and genius” (BookPage) in this breathtaking tale—part adventure story, part legend, and part Gothic novel— what Publishers Weekly calls “a marvelous alternative history fable.”

In seventeenth-century France, Louis XIV rules with flamboyant ambition. From the Hall of Mirrors to the vermin-infested attics of the Chateau at Versailles, courtiers compete to please the king, sacrificing fortune, principles, and even the sacred bond between brother and sister.

Marie-Josèphe de la Croix looks forward to assisting her adored brother in the scientific study of the rare sea monsters the king has commissioned him to seek. For the honor of his God, his country, and his king, Father Yves de la Croix returns with…[more]

Book:The Exile Waiting

The Exile Waiting

Vonda N. McIntyre

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