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Book:City on Fire

City on Fire

Walter Jon Williams

Aiah worked for the Plasm Authority, metering the shimmering substance that powered the world-city, until she fell in love with Constantine, the rebel Metropolitan fighting a war to overthrow the corrupt dynasty of the Keremaths.

Now the war is over, and Aiah is at the mercy of Constantine, the tyrant she created. As sexually irresistible as ever, the former rebel has a new job for Aiah: track down the outlaw plasm divers of Caraqui and recruit them to help destroy the Silver Hand, a murderous remnant of the old kleptocracy. A reluctant Aiah finds herself working with a horrifying ally—the “hanged man,” Taikoen, a once-human monster that lives in the plasm well, leaving it only to kill. But for Aiah, there can be no turning back. Constantine’s war against the Handmen will put Aiah in touch with her lost Barkazil heritage. And it may allow her to get a glimpse of heaven itself, and to discover what waits beyond the Shield.



Walter Jon Williams

Aiah is bored with her dead-end job of meting out plasm, the mysterious and powerful material created from the intrinsic power of the city’s structures. When she stumbles upon an unlimited source of the precious substance, she’s found her ticket to a new life. Daring to team up with the handsome and powerful Metropolitan known as Constantine, Aiah embarks upon a revolutionary plan that could change the world as they know it.

Book:Knight Moves

Knight Moves

Walter Jon Williams

Eight hundred years ago Doran Falkner gave humanity the stars, and he now lives with his regrets on a depopulated Earth among tumbledown ruins and ancient dreams brought to life by modern technology.

But word now comes that alien life has been discovered on a distant world, life so strange and impossible that the revelation of its secrets could change everything. A disillusioned knight on the chessboard of the gods, Doran must confront his own lost promise, his lost love, and his lost humanity, to make the move that will revive the fortunes both of humans and aliens…



Walter Jon Williams

Gabriel is an Aristos, one of the elite of human society, a lord of technology On the planet he built, in the Realized World, he is like a god.

In the Oneirochronon, Gabriel is only one of many Aristoi, and not the greatest. There in the electronic world of the Hyperlogos, the Aristoi vie for power and prestige in ever-more-complex manipulations of their common virtual reality.

Gabriel has discovered something that threatens the whole human race: somewhere in the galaxy is an Aristos who has gone mad.

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