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Book:The Gospel of the Knife

The Gospel of the Knife

Will Shetterly

Christopher Nix is 14 years old, and it’s 1969. His life is a turbulent echo of the times as he discovers sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll in the heart of Florida.  But into this struggle between the young long-haired hippie and the rednecks who’d just as soon kill him comes a strange offer that will completely change his life.

The Nix family is contacted by a mysterious benefactor who wants to send Chris to an exclusive private school, no expense spared. Mr. Jay Dumont claims that Chris’s grandfather saved his life during WWI, and though Grandpa Uvdall is dead, the debt remains to be paid.  But as Chris will discover, there is a great deal more to it than that. He will have to accept and understand the Powers that have surrounded his family all his life, and learn to use his own magical gifts, if he is to survive Dumont’s plan. …[more]



Will Shetterly

Ron, the hero of Elsewhere, has been cursed by a beautiful elf named Leda, and now he’s a werewolf. As if meeting girls hadn’t already been hard enough. Ron would love to break the curse, but he’s got other things on his mind. His best friend, Strider, has been framed for murder. Another friend is kidnapped. And a third friend has gone into hiding—right in plain sight with Ron. Some dangerous elements from Elfland are looking for her: a few, to safeguard the power she wields; others, to seize possession of it; none of them counting on her having friends like Ron, who will do anything to protect her.



Will Shetterly

When Ron runs away, he ends up in Bordertown, a grim city that lies between the real world and the world of faerie, a place where elf and human gangs stalk the streets side by side, and where magic works better than technology. If the city doesn’t kill him, it just may teach him what it is to be human.

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