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Book:Acts of Conscience

Acts of Conscience

William Barton

When space construction worker Gaeten du Cheyne visits the planet Green Heaven, he discovers a fascinating ecosystem whose intelligent life forms are being hunted for sport and exported as slaves by human colonists. Now du Cheyne must follow his conscience and rescue the natives of Green Heaven—or die trying.

Book:When We Were Real

When We Were Real

William Barton

cclaimed for combining grand galactic concepts with realistic characters and penetrating insights, William Barton’s award-nominated novels include When Heaven Fell, Acts of Conscience, and The Transmigration of Souls. Now William Barton creates an astonishing empire of mutant humans, forlorn cyborgs, and genetic hybrids struggling for freedom in an unforgiving, endless future.


Violet is an optimod space-pilot-a beautiful, purple-furred human-fox hybrid. Darius Murphy has escaped an oppressive religious matriarchy for a new life in the stars. Mercenaries crewing ships for the corporation that rules the galaxy from the Glow-Ice Worlds to Centauri Jet, Darius and Violet share a love that transcends wars, centuries…even death.

But in the face of a ruthless power that annihilates inhabited worlds for profit, is love enough? And can even immortals dare to seek happiness in a galaxy without peace, a universe with no freedom?

Book:Transmigration of Souls

Transmigration of Souls

William Barton

In the changing political and economic world of the 21st century, America has established a permanent Moonbase, along with manned expeditions to near Earth asteroids. During an archaeological dig on the Moon, Americans discover an alien base with what appears to be teleportation and time travel equipment. But where are the aliens.

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