Author: William McIlvanney

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William McIlvanney

Docherty is a survivor of an impoverished life of hardship in the Scottish town of Graithnock. Conn is the son in whom he invests all hope for a far different future. Docherty may dream of escape, but he emerges as an unelected leader.

Book:The Papers of Tony Veitch

The Papers of Tony Veitch

William McIlvanney

McIlvanney once again sets out on the dark side of Glasgow with Detective Jack Laidlaw. “The wine he gave me winsy wine” were the final words of Eck Adamson to Laidlaw, his only friend. Laidlaw is convinced the Eck was murdered and that an elusive young student, Tony Veitch, holds the key to the mystery.



William McIlvanney

An extraordinary debut by a Scottish mystery writer, this cult classic of crime fiction presents Detective Jack Laidlaw, a policeman as complex and self-critical as you’ll ever meet. Laidlaw follows the trail of murder investigation deep inot the underbelly of Glasgow, a world he knows the way Phillip Marlowe knew Los Angeles.

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