Author: William S. McFeely

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Book:Grant: A Biography

Grant: A Biography

William S. McFeely

The seminal biography of one of America’s towering, enigmatic figures. From his boyhood in Ohio to the battlefields of the Civil War and his presidency during the crucial years of Reconstruction, this Pulitzer Prize-winning biography traces the entire arc of Grant’s life (1822-1885).

Book:Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass

William S. McFeely

Former slave, orator, journalist, autobiographer; revolutionary on behalf of a just America, Frederick Douglass was a towering figure, at once consummately charistmatic and flawed. His Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (1945) galvanized the antislavery movement and is one of the truly seminal works of African-American literature.

In this masterful and compelling biography, William S. McFeely captures the many sides of Douglass—his boyhood on the Chesapeake; his self-education; his rebellion and rising expectations; his marriage, affairs, and intense friendships; his bitter defeats and trascendent courage—and recreates the high drama of a turbulent era.

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