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Book:Twisted Summer

Twisted Summer

Willo Davis Roberts

Cici’s dream of an idyllic vacation at her grandparent’s lakeside cottage is shattered when he learns that Brody, the older brother of a boy she likes, has been convicted of murdering a girl who had also lived in the community. Sure that Brody is innocent, Cici searches for the real killer and, in the process, discovers a complicated web of lies and cover-ups that places her in jeopardy, too.

Book:The Absolutely True Story...How I Visited Yellowstone Park With The Terrible Rupes

The Absolutely True Story...How I Visited Yellowstone Park With The Terrible Rupes

Willo Davis Roberts

Lewis and Alison’s vacation should be lots of fun. Driving to Yellowstone in a motor home, seeing all the fantastic sights, getting to know their new neighbors…the trip should be a blast. It turns out to be anything but.

First they discover their hosts, the Rupes, have no interest in nutrition, manners, or their own children. Even worse, two strange men seem to be following them. Could they have something to do with the one-hundred-dollar bills little Billy Rupe keeps finding in the motor home? Lewis is afraid the answer is yes—and he should be.

Book:Megan's Island

Megan's Island

Willo Davis Roberts

Pack up and leave? Tonight, when Megan has just one week of school to go until vacation?

Megan is used to moving. After all, she’s moved a dozen times in her twelve years. But this time is different. They are leaving in the middle of the night, and Megan won’t even have a chance to say good-bye to her best friend. What’s worse, Megan senses that her mother is frightened. It’s almost as if they are running away—but from what?

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