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Academy Awards® nominations are announced every January by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The winners are revealed around the first of March when those famous envelopes are opened during the televised Awards Presentation. Winners receive a gold statuette, the Academy Award of Merit better known as the Oscar.

Up to five nominations are made in most categories, with balloting for these nominations restricted to members of the Academy branch concerned; directors, for instance, are the only nominators for Achievement in Directing. Nominations for awards in the foreign language category are made by a large committee of members drawn from all branches. Best Picture nominations and final winners in most categories are determined by vote of the entire membership. Nomination ballots are mailed by members to PricewaterhouseCoopers. Secrecy is strictly maintained until the final ballot is revealed at the end of January.

Studios, independent distributors and publicists go to great lengths to ensure that members see their film, including special screenings for Academy members, free admission to commercial runs of a film, and the mailing of video cassettes and DVDs. The Academy aggressively monitors Award campaigning.


  • Award Annals presents only those categories for best feature-length film and best score.
  • The Best Animated Feature category began in 2002.

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