Award: Anthony Award

Anthony Boucher

The Anthony Award, named for mystery reviewer Anthony Boucher, is bestowed every Summer at the Boucheron World Mystery Convention. The standing Bouchercon rules specify the following awards:

  • Best Novel
  • Best First Novel
  • Best Paperback Original
  • Best Critical Nonfiction Work
  • Best Short Story
  • Special Service Award
  • Up to three wild card awards.

Eligible books must be published in the U.S. in English and nominated by a Bouchercon registrant. The final ballot is determined by the number of nominations, and registrants then vote on a winner.


  • Nominees prior to 2000 are unavailable.
  • Paperback Original category had no award in 1992-1995, two winners in 1991.
  • The Critical Work category (also called "Nonfiction/Critical", "Critical/Biographical", etc) began in 1991 and had no award in 1998.
  • These categories are wildcards, which are awarded intermittently: Children's/Young Adult, Historical Mystery.

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