Award: Barry Award

Since 1997 the Barry Award, named for fan reviewer Barry Gardner, is bestowed annually at Bouchercon by fan-oriented Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine (DP). The winner receives a plaque.

Eligible books must be published in English. The British Crime Novel category requires the book to be published in Britain, and the other categories have no other restrictions. Nominations are made by DP editor/publisher George Easter with input from a panel of DP reviewers, mystery booksellers, and fans. The panel vote determines the shortlist, and the winner is chosen by DP readers.


  • The Nonfiction category was awarded only in 1977, and only the winner was specified.
  • The Novel category had two winners in 1999.
  • The Paperback Original category had two winners in 2000 and no award in 1999.
  • The British Crime Novel category was discontinued in 2013.

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