Award: British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award

Each year, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts bestows the coveted BAFTA mask to recognize outstanding achievement in, among other categories, feature film. Nominees and a winner are selected via a combination of membership votes, qualified industry chapters and specially selected juries. An eligible feature film must receive its first public exhibition or distribution as a theatrical release.

Nominees for best film are announced mid-January, and the winner mid-February. Eligible films may be from any country and in any language, and have been originally released during the previous year between January 1 and December 31.

Nominees for best Children's film are announced late October, the winner late November. Eligible films must have been released in the UK between August 1 and July 31.

BAFTA voting membership is comprised of no more than 6500 members worldwide. Separate caps have been set: 5000 from the UK, 1500 from the US.


  • Award Annals currently presents only those categories for feature-length films.
  • The Best Children's Feature Film category began in 1998.
  • The Best Animated Film category began in 2007, and sometimes duplicates the honors given a few months earlier for Best Children's Feature Film. Points are awarded only once.


The Children’s BAFTA operates separately from the other categories. They are awarded late in the year while the other categories are awarded in the first few months of the year. Consequently, the Children’s categories have their own entries in the event calendar.

? Event Calendar
October 2013


BAFTA Children's nominees
November 2013


BAFTA Children's winner
January 2014


BAFTA Film nominees
February 2014


BAFTA Film winners


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