Award: Dagger Award

The Crime Writers Association (CWA), founded by John Creasey in 1953, bestows the Dagger Award annually, in various categories of crime writing. The winner (and the runner up in the Best Crime Novel category) receives a cash award and an ornamental dagger.

Eligible books must be published in the U.K. in English and submitted for consideration by a British publisher. A shortlist and winner are determined by a panel of judges that varies with the type of award. The judges for the Best Crime Novel category are all reviewers for British publications because they will have already read most of the 150 or more titles that are submitted each year. The Nonfiction category is judged by a panel with publishing and/or legal experience. The Thriller category is judged by a panel of agents, authors, booksellers and reviewers. The Historical category is judged by the most recent winner, as well as reviewers and historians. The First Crime Novel category is judged by a panel of previous winners.

Other categories awarded by the CWA include the Cartier Diamond Dagger lifetime achievement award, the Debut Dagger for unpublished works, and others.


  • Shortlists prior to 2001 are unavailable.
  • The John Creasey Memorial Award (otherwise known as the First Novel category) had no winner in 1993 and 1996, and two winners in 1995.
  • Gold Dagger Award for Nonfiction had two winners in 1983 and 2004. It was awarded biennially from 2006 to 2010, and now appears to be an annual award again.

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