Award: Gaylactic Spectrum Award


The Gaylactic Spectrum Awards is bestowed every Autumn in three categories. Only the Best Novel category is listed here. Eligible books must be published in North America in English.

The winner receives an etched image on lucite depicting a spiral galaxy and a triangle, similar to the logo.

About the Galactic Spectrum Awards[1]

The Gaylactic Spectrum Awards honor outstanding works of science fiction, fantasy and horror which include significant positive explorations of gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered characters, themes, or issues.

The Gaylactic Network, the premiere organization for gay and lesbian fandom, created the Awards in 1998 because there was no existing avenue for the recognition of outstanding gay-positive work within the genre. In 2002, the Awards struck out on their own, under the auspices of the newly created Gaylactic Spectrum Awards Foundation. The Gaylactic Network remains a primary partner for the Awards. The Gaylactic Spectrum Awards Foundation is working on its own incorporation and is seeking to obtain charitable organization status to enhance its ability to inform and educate.

Oftentimes, books and other works can be overlooked—and publishers, authors and artists need to know that their inclusion of gay issues, characters and themes is appreciated. Before the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards, no award had been developed that honored works for both genre content AND gay content. Because speculative fiction offers an opportunity to explore complex and sometimes unpopular issues through the distance of other worlds, times and cultures, we hope the award will encourage professionals working in science fiction, fantasy and horror to use the genre to explore characters and issues of importance to the gay community.

The Gaylactic Spectrum Awards are presented annually and honor works premiering in the previous calendar year. In their first year (1999), the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards were presented in three categories: Best Novel, for the best novel; Best Other Work, for the best work in any format other than novel (including movies, TV, short stories, art, gaming materials, etcetera); and Hall of Fame, for a work premiering prior to 1998. Currently, the Awards are given in three categories: Best Novel; Best Short Fiction; and Best Other Work. In addition, a limited number of works released prior to 1998 are inducted into the Hall of Fame each year.

Nominations for the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards are open to everyone. A small panel of volunteer judges reviews the nominated/recommended works in each category to determine winners and a short list of recommended works. Nominees, Short List Recommendations and Winners in each category for the Awards are announced each year, and information on the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards can be found on the page for each award year here on our site.

The running of the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards, including all administration costs, award costs, and cash stipends presented to winners are completely supported by donations from individuals and organizations and through grassroots fundraising. Please help us to recognize and promote outstanding works and the future of gay content in the genre by participating in this endeavour with us. Submit nominations and consider donating to the cause.

Event Calendar

Tracking of this award has been discontinued as of December 2006 because the announcement was due in September and inquiries via the award’s website received no response. If the award administration resurfaces, feel free to resume tracking.


  1. ^Reproduced from with permission from Rob Gates granted 9/9/2004

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