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The Giller Prize, named for literary journalist Doris Giller and founded by her husband Jack Rabinovitch, is bestowed in Toronto every Autumn to a work of fiction. The award has been co-sponsored by Scotiabank since 2005. The winner receives CDN$50,000, and each finalist receives CDN$5,000.

Eligible books must be published in Canada in English, and authored by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Nominees are submitted by the publisher. A panel of three judges is appointed by founder Jack Rabinovitch to select finalists and a winner.


  • There were two winners in 2000.

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History of the Giller Prize [1]

The Giller Prize was founded in 1994 by Jack Rabinovitch in honour of his late wife, literary journalist Doris Giller, who passed away from cancer the year before. The award recognized excellence in Canadian fiction – long format or short stories – and endowed a cash prize annually of $25,000.00, the largest purse for literature in the country.

The launch of The Giller Prize twelve years ago coincided with a growing recognition of Canadian authors and literature both at home and abroad. With such acclaimed writers as Alice Munro, Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje and Mordecai Richler winning honours and accolades around the world, the popularity of Canadian literature has continued to flourish.

The Giller Prize, along with many other awards that came before and after, is in large part responsible for this explosion of talent and exposure. More than 2.5 million Giller-nominated books were sold in the first 10 years of the prize. Over $60 million dollars in book sales to date have been generated as a direct result of the prize. The Giller Prize has so far endowed more than $250,000 to Canadian writers from coast to coast.


  1. ^Reproduced from with permission granted by Elana Rabinovitch on 6/30/2005.


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