Award: Nebula Award

Walter Jon Williams’ Nebula for Best Novelette 2001, from Locus Online

The Nebula Award is awarded every Spring by active members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). Any work receiving ten recommendations from SFWA members within 1 year of publication is put on the preliminary ballot for the following year. The membership votes and the top 5 are added to the final ballot. The jury may add one finalist. The winner is selected by membership vote using the Australian Ballot method (each member ranks the finalists on the ballot).

The winner receives a somewhat non-photogenic trophy.

The year attached to each award can be confusing: the “2005 Nebula Awards Weekend” is where the “2004 Nebula Award” is presented. The SFWA uses the publication year to refer to awards, and the presentation year to refer to the ceremony. This site uses the publication year.

See a complete award history at Locus Online.


  • There were 18 nominees in 1975.
  • There were two winners in 1966.

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